Ion Detox Foot Bath
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ionic detox foot bath

for mental clarity and energy

Did you know that you have over 2000 pores in your feet? Your feet absorb those wonderful ions and your body starts to naturally shed its toxins. Your ions are like magnets and are attracted to the ion rich water. During the session, the toxins continue to darken the water. These toxins can come from the liver, gallbladder and joints.

Many people feel mental clarity and become energized. It alkalizes your system almost immediately!

The health benefits that you will receive will keep you coming back. We have seen many cases where symptoms such as skin rashes clear up after multiple sessions. Acne can be eliminated to leave your skin glowing and healthy. Puffy water retention has been reduced in the lower legs and feet. We get never ending feedback on high energy levels and reduced anxiety.

Below is a color chart indicating where toxic release could be coming from:

  • Yellow-green =detoxifying from the kidney, bladder, urinary tract
  • Orange= from joints
  • Brown= liver, tobacco, cellular debris
  • Black= liver, gallbladder
  • Dark Green= gallbladder
  • White foam= mucous from lymph
  • White speckles= most likely yeast
  • Black speckles= heavy metals
  • Red speckles= blood clot material

What are Toxins?

Any substances that are harmful to the cells of the body, tissues and organs are considered toxins. Toxins mainly consist of chemicals, metals, bacteria, excess proteins and waste, that is not expelled from the body. Normally, the human body builds up energy through the processes of respiration and nutrition. During these processes of metabolism, energy is generated/released and waste products are created.

What are the advantages to using the Ion Foot spa frequently?

Frequent usage can increase the ability of the cell membranes to transport undesirable toxins from the organs of the body to the water in the Ion Spa. This helps to relieve the system and in particular, the kidneys and liver from overload with toxins.

Why is salt added to the water?

The salt will enhance the conductivity of the water.

Why does the water become discolored, even if the feet are not immersed in the unit?

The unit is controlled by a micro computer chip system, when the two electrolysis plates of the unit oscillate, countless numbers of ions are created. Tap water, salt and the steel plate all contain a number of minerals and substances, and accordingly, will produce a chemical reaction and discolor the water.

How often can we use the Ion Detox Foot Spa?

It is recommended to use the ion spa, not more than once every other day.

How long should each session be?

Sessions can range from 10 minutes to 60 minutes depending on your condition and depending on the treatment strength you choose. In general, a 30 minutes session is recommended for any of the treatment settings.

Is the unit suitable for everyone?

It is not suitable for everyone, if you have the following conditions, we recommend that you do not use the ion spa. If you have any other concerns regarding the use of the spa for health reasons, we recommend that you consult your doctor.

  • Wearing pulse adjuster, pace maker, metal or other electromagnetism devices.
  • People who have undergone heart transplantation.
  • People who periodically undertake medical or psychological therapy
  • People who have hypertension.
  • Pregnant women.
  • People with open wounds on their feet. (may soak the hands instead)
  • Blood cancer patient
  • People diagnosed with serious illness
  • People suffering from fever